Atelier mécanique GSL - Experts en entretien et en réparation de voitures allemandes : BMW, Volkswagen, Mercedes, Audi et Mini Cooper.

Do you own a German vehicle?

Do you wish to have it maintained and repaired by specialists who are perfectly accustomed to working with them? Are you looking for an auto repair shop specialized in german vehicles?

Atelier mécanique GSL’s team is there to address each need in the field of German vehicle repair. If you own a Volkswagen, Audi, Mercedes, Smart, Porsche, BMW or Mini, then you’ve come to the right place.

Our team understands that your vehicle is essential for everyday life and that it is important for you to entrust it to people you can count on. Therefore, we offer only the best when it comes to general repairs on German engineered vehicles.

Steve Lavertu, owner

Steve Lavertu, mon mécano proprio

Steve Lavertu, mon mécano proprio

Atelier mécanique GSL was built on its owner’s beliefs, Steve Lavertu. Passionate about auto repairs and customer service, his main goal is to always surpass himself.

What are his strengths and what makes him a good technician, manager and owner of this workshop in Waterloo?His ability to listen allows him to excel in his profession. In fact, it is his priority to listen to his customers and to create relationships built on trust. It is also on this basis that the workshop has attained its reputation.

Do wish for a methodical technician?Do you wish for someone with excellent knowledge of your vehicle’s brand?Steve Lavertu has understood this. He is always up-to-date when it comes to the latest technologies, thus offering the best services to his customers.

Those who know him well, describe him as a welcoming and humorous owner. Many of his customers prefer his services, and come from far.

He also relies on the expertise of his two\three employees who have many years of experience and training in automobile repair.

Atelier mécanique GSL is part of the family’s history, for Samuel Lavertu, Steve’s son, also works here. Going to a family owned business offers many benefits; customers will feel right at home!

We all know someone who has paid a costly bill after leaving an auto repair shop, without fully understanding the reason for this. At Atelier mécanique GSL, we take the time to explain the repairs that need to be done and their costs. Rest assured that we work in a timely manner and hiking the cost of your bill is out of the question.Because we specialize in German vehicles, our excellent knowledge of them enables us to do repairs in the shortest delay.

We have a large inventory of quality parts. Therefore you can be sure that your German vehicle will be repaired with the finest parts available on the market.

If it’s time to schedule your vehicle’s maintenance, whether a Volkswagen, Audi, Mercedes, Smart, Porsche, BMW or Mini, and if you are looking for a place in Waterloo, your search is finally over!

Feel free to visit us; we will be pleased to offer you advice. Put us to the challenge of exceeding your expectations!