Atelier mécanique GSL - Experts en entretien et en réparation de voitures allemandes : BMW, Volkswagen, Mercedes, Audi et Mini Cooper.

German vehicles, a passion

At Atelier mécanique GSL, repairing German engineered vehicles is not only part of their family’s history but one of their passions.

The owner, Steve Lavertu, opened this German engineered vehicle repair shop in 1995. However, his passion for mechanics began when he was a child. At six years of age, young Steve Lavertu was already repairing his metal Tonka trucks. At seven, he would disassemble and then reassemble his bicycle in order to understand its mechanism.

Similarly, his father Gilles and his son Samuel are as passionate as he is about manual tasks. They also possess great dexterity and the capacity to learn quickly.

Gilles and Steve took care of their own vehicles maintenance long before the auto repair shop opened. Since Waterloo is a small town, word about their workmanship in the field of automobile mechanics spread quickly.Thus, people began to ask them to repair their vehicles. Soon afterwards, their workload became so important that Steve Lavertu decided to open a German engineered vehicle repair shop.

Samuel has followed in his father’s and grandfather’s footsteps working as a technician for five years. Steve Lavertuis quite proud to be working alongside his son.

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